8 Reasons why two Labradoodle puppies are better than one!

Labradoodles bring so much laughter into their owners' lives: They are caring, loyal, clown-like, fleece coat type teddybears. We truly view them as part of the family. A bit like children, if you've got one, then is it much different from having two labradoodle puppies? 

First-time dog owner? Yes then getting 2 puppies (consider littermate syndrome if getting 2 litter mate puppies at the same time) may not be a great idea, 

However, having two well-trained Labradoodles is twice the teddybear cuteness! Considering the age and training level is crucial.

To download our free handout on introducing a labradoodle as a second dog - see link.

We can think of 8 reasons why 2 furry Labradoodles may be better than one.  

1 Improved doggy social skills

Having a permanent playmate helps your dogs' social skills and improves their happiness. 


2 Increased canine exercise and dogs play

Adding another dog to the walk will keep your dog running for longer as they entertain each other.


3 No further to walk

If you are walking one dog, then add a coupler, and you can walk both at the same time!


4 Compionanship

Rather than spend time alone whilst you are out or busy home-working, then your dog will have a companion family member. A presence in the house may help ease any separation anxiety or loneliness. 


5 Help with puppy training.

Free dog training classes! As pack leader, your senior dog should guide the puppy and teach the house rules. The pup will have a clear role model to follow on house training toilet protocols.


6 Not double the annual cost.

As well as a discount on the second insurance policy, you should find savings in shared items such as beds, toys, water bowls. They may not be able to share food until both over 1 year old. So you will need to feed the dogs separately until both on same diet.


7 Continuity

Staggering dogs a few years apart may be sensible so you'll still have a furry friend when the other sadly passes away.


8 Double the Doodle Love with 2 labradoodle puppies

Having one labradoodle is great, but they are highly addictive. Don't under-estimate the allure of twice the doodle-love.


There are, of course, disadvantages. You will have two dogs to feed, groom and insure. They may need to be crated separately initially. When you want to holiday then finding a carer for two could be more difficult than a single dog.

There is the risk that the two dogs won't get along, especially if your first pet is not dog friendly or is overly alpha.

Avoid combining two strong alpha dog breeds. Luckily Labradoodles are pretty easy going and generally very sociable (as designed as guide dogs). This is because of their parent breeds, including the standard poodle and labrador retriever. As a precaution always introduce them in a neutral place (if the age of puppy permits).

Consider a partly trained puppy when introducing so you can actually see how they interact. We have a video and handout on introducing your Labradoodle puppy to the resident dog(s) which is available free of charge from our resource centre or by emailing lisa@labradoodles.co.uk.