22 Reasons to Adopt a Cobberdog in 2022

As we say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022, we look back on the things we are grateful for whilst welcoming the possibilities that a new year brings.

For some families, the new year may mean a new hobby, a new job or even a new baby but we can think of...

22 reasons why you should adopt an Australian Cobberdog in 2022. 

1 A forever friend for your family

A childhood companion for your kids, and a beloved member of the family.

2 Increased exercise

A chance for the family to come together and connect, all whilst exercising and spending time outdoors.

3 Constant source of cuddles

Always on hand to give affection when you need it most.

4 They are great listeners

Many of our pups go on to be avid readers - like Billy, who spends his days in the reading corner at his local primary school!

5 A shoulder to cry on

A companion when you need one the most.

6 Always happy to see you

Even after a long day at work, you can always rely on a warm welcome from an Australian Cobberdog

7 Unconditional love

8 Loyal for life

9 Play Pal 

Adult or a kid, dogs show us we are all young at heart. They can be silly and make us laugh or give us a ball and invite us to play. Whether it's fetch, agility or even paddle-boarding like Rudy, dogs are always eager to join in the fun.

10. Someone to talk to

Had a bad day or simply feeling under the weather? The best therapists have 4 legs and a tail!

11.Develops responsibility in kids

Dogs are not only valuable members of the family, they are a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and grow by taking responsibility for their care.

12.Gives us a purpose

Australian Cobberdogs are proven to be wonderful assistance/support dogs, and for some of our families with conditions such as depression or fibromyalgia, they give them a purpose - they are their reason to get up each day.

13.Lowers risk of depression and 14. Reduces stress

Dogs have been scientifically proven to benefit an individual's mental health, and with the ongoing pandemic - everyone could do with a stress reliever!

15. Extensive parental screening

Our pups benefit from extensive parental screening, including hip/elbow x-rays, and 36 DNA tests - reducing the risk of genetic diseases.

See the health and genetics course on our resource centre for more information.

16. Hypoallergenic and 17. Great for families with asthma/allergies

Say goodbye to unwanted dog hair! We screen parents for 3 coat genes before conception to ensure pups have low/no shedding coats, making them perfect for families with asthma/allergies. See our coat PDF for more information.

18. Terrific temperaments

Often placed into therapy/support roles, Australian Cobberdogs are gentle, lovable and intuitive - they know exactly when you need a cuddle!

19. Easy to train

As an intelligent breed, Cobberdogs are easy to train and often learn new skills very quickly. Many of our pups have gone on to qualify for their therapy jacket!

Interested in a Cobberdog but need it 'School Run Ready'? Schedule a call to discuss our training programme and partly-trained pups.

20. Years of experience & knowledge

DoodleDogs is a family business, founded in 2003 by Lisa Joyaa Rose (formerly Lisa Carson). As the first Australian Labradoodle breeders (UK), we are experts in all things doodle.

21. A lifetime of support

From initial enquiry to post-adoption life with your pup, you have unlimited access (free of charge) to our resource centre which contains courses on considering the breed, preparing for adoption, training your pup, nutrition and more.

We also welcome families to email/schedule a call to discuss any questions they may have.

With a global community of DoodleDog families, there is always someone available to help.

22. Focus on science, selection & service

At DoodleDogs, we focus strongly on these 3 pillars - with health screening, breed development and successful adoptions being our goal.

Ready to embark on Puppyhood? Fill out our puppy preferences form and schedule a call to find your perfect match today!