Ready to Adopt an ASD Australian Labradoodle?

Our simple adoption process should help guide you through the confusion of Labradoodle terminology, coats, colours , sizes and hopefully answer all your questions. We occasionally have Australian Labradoodle Puppies available immediately who may match your requirements. Not ready quite yet?  Then, join our waiting list - we take reservation up to 12 months in advance.

Adoption Process

Step 1 - Read this website then email us

Have a good read about us, our experience of breeding ASD Labradoodles for over a decade, prices and our available pups. Like us on Facebook, Watch our Youtube channel videos, check out our scrapbook on Pinterest. When you are ready, email us and we will send you a couple of PDFs and then we can start discussing your requirements for size, coat, colour, gender, age and timing.

Step 2 - Let us know your requirements

Once we have started dialogue then you will receive a username and password or an email so you can tell us more about yourself and your criteria. If you are outside the UK then we will need to know your country and address if you need a quote for shipping.

Step 3 - Ready for a Chat?

As you define your requirements then it may be helpful to you, to chat through any questions with Us. You will receive a link to Lisa's diary so you can choose a time which suits you.

Step 4 - Join the Reservation List

Once you are happy that the ASD Labradoodle is right for you, you know your requirements and you are happy with our policies then its time to join our list. We run a deposit system (£500 for 8-12 weeks or 50% for partly trained) for reservations. This is taken off the cost of your puppy at collection. We then start working on your requirements - the timescale for this can be immediate availability or it could be that we say 1-12 months. As a general rule we permit extension of your dates up to your allocated puppy reaching 5 weeks old. Thereafter it is too close to adoption date to simply change your mind. Partly trained dogs are trained specifically so we need a higher deposit (50% usually) before agreeing to grow on and commit trainer time to their socialisation and clicker training. Deposits on partly trained pups and export pups (outside UK) are non-refundable as they are chosen, trained and grown on for you including organising the necessary rabies vaccinations, export paperwork etc. As a general rule deposit is £500 and payable by Bank Transfer.

Step 5 - The Wait !

Once the decision to adopt has been reached by the family then the waiting is possibly the hardest part of the process! This can be extremely frustrating and we totally sympathise however mother nature is totally beyond our control and she rarely works to Lisa's diary requests. We agree earliest and latest dates as part of our instructions from you. If we can't fulfil our agreed timescales then of course we would let you know and offer to either (a) extend the time, or (b) offer an alternative (change of gender or colour etc) or (c) offer to return your deposit.

Step 6 - Email Notification and photos

We wait until the pups' eyes are open and preliminary vet check is all clear. This is to avoid the situation when we have sent newborn photos and then something is wrong. We dont want to upset you, your children and us by exciting everyone too early in puppy's development. Our mortality rate is extremely low however occasionally in all living animals there are congenital defects which may not be apparent until eyes open and motor functions develop. Our pups have vet checks at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and then if extended stay with us, at 10 weeks old. We aim to give 4 weeks notice of collection date if adopting at 8 weeks (ie just after first vet check is all clear). We send email with photos or we call you. We then take more photos and send them at 6 weeks old after the second vet check. We then neuter at 7 weeks old if adoption is at 8 weeks (neuter contracts are available too). You must then give last vaccines at 10 weeks old to start external toilet training at 14 days after last vaccine (so typically 12 weeks old when puppy first enters garden).

Step 7 - Puppy Preparation

Once puppy is identified, we start diarising collection date and start discussing puppy preparation with you. We are currently working on a puppy resource centre on the site with helpsheets for getting ready for adoption date. All puppy goods we recommend are available for purchase at the time of adoption. Even if you prefer to source goods locally, then it may be worth seeing what we suggest before going too mad as we have tried and tested most canine goods and identified the strongest or best! We sell crates, food, toys, collars/lead, groomng products, car crates and we are VMD registered for the sale of flea & worm treatments so we have EVERYTHING! Food can then be ordered online from us in the future and its couriered to your door, postage included.

Step 8 - Which Puppy?

In some cases when a colour and/or gender has been specified then we will know which puppy is yours from birth! However some times there is more than one puppy in the litter which meets criteria, in these cases we send photos of the pups to families usually around 6 weeks old so you can express any immediate preference. We do this generally in order of joining the list so if there were 3 chocolate males in the litter then the earliest family to join would get a choice of 3, the next a choice of 2 and then the third family on list would have no choice. However before this happens we also try to ensure that we have taken into account personalities. So if there was a family on the list which expressed preference for "lively" and we had a puppy which matched this personality profile - we would prioritise this match on personality before a choice on cuteness. It can be tricky occasionally balancing everyones' wishes however in over a decade of breeding and helping families' select the right puppy, it has always worked out thus far. It is a stress point in the process but try and relax - often we frequently hear the comment "They are all lovely, I could take any of them home and be happy". In our experience, in a week you will have forgotten about the others and simply adore the one you took home.

Step 9 - Collection Day

You will be send directions to our home and we will have agreed a time for collection. Often we have a few families collect on same day especially on weekends when pups turn 8 weeks or 10 weeks old. So if you are early please call or text to ask if the family before you has finished. If late please contact us asap as we may be able to swap the order of families arriving. However if outside your allocated time then you may need to wait until the next family have left as they too will probably have travelled a far distance with excited children. We may ask that you rebook collection if you miss your time - this is because of our committment to other families and also to our 4 children. Please allow 60-90 minutes for collection as we need to chat to you about grooming etc and to go through what to expect for the first week of puppy settling.

Step 10 - Post Adoption

Just after adoption we organise your paperwork so we activate Petplan Insurance, transfer your microchip and request to know your name for puppy. The Resource centre under construction will also have helpsheets on crate training, toilet training etc to help you through the first 3 months. We appreciate updates and photos and of course we would love your permission to put these on our website and facebook as testimonials.