What is an Australian Cobberdog?

What is an Australian Cobberdog?

"Cobberdog" means "Dog-Friend" in Australian Informal Language. An Australian Cobberdog is a pure-breed Australian Labradoodle. The breed's mission is as Therapy or Service Dogs. The Cobberdog is a Breed in Development in Australia, and only approved breeders who are members of the MDBA can issue Australian Cobberdog pedigrees.

Australian Cobberdogs are known for:

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Therapy/service
  3. Best temperament

So why choose an Australian Cobberdog?

Most people have never heard of a cobberdog but might be familiar with Labradoodles. A Cobberdog is a specific type of labradoodle, known for being hypoallergenic with the best temperament. They're often used as therapy/service dogs because of this. They also make perfect family pets and companions for children or adults with disabilities.

8 Breeds in an Australian Cobberdog

what breeds are in an Australian cobberdog?

Do Cobberdogs or Labradoodles shed?

There are three main labradoodle coat types - hair, wool or fleece. Cobberdogs are non-shedding dogs with fleece coats. As a result, they are one of the few non-malting and allergy friendly dogs available.

Many pet owners choose this breed specifically for this reason. In fact, it was because Lisa was looking for asthma-friendly dogs for her daughter that she decided to bring over the first Australian Labradoodle in 2003.

With Australian Labradoodles, allergies are much likely to be an issue. Like with all low-shedding dogs, you're much less likely to have an allergic reaction. For many allergy sufferers, Cobberdogs are one of the few breeds that don't trigger any symptoms.

Therapy and Service Dogs

Because of their kind nature, Australian Cobberdogs make excellent therapy and service dogs. They were made famous by Wally Cochran, who used them as guide dogs initially. With high intelligence and soft temperaments, they become life-long friends and companions for children and adults with various disabilities. We often provide a labradoodle puppy to children or schools that benefit tremendously from having a service dog.

Cobberdog Origins

The Australian Cobberdog is a pure breed with its own DNA sequence. The breed is recognised and registered by the MDBA. The only condition was that the registration didn't include the term 'Labradoodle'. With the confusion and generalisation associated with this name, it's not technically correct. Throughout its evolution, breeders have often referred to any Poodle Cross as a Labradoodle. Since there are no set standards that define a Labradoodle, it's not an official name for a Cobberdog. So, whilst we might colloquially refer to them as a Labradoodle, Cobberdogs are technically an entirely different breed.

Only MDBA registered breeders can use the term 'Australian Cobberdog' when describing their pups as they must comply with the breed standard.

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