3 - Puppy or Partly Trained?

The Age and Timing of your Puppy is one of the questions we focus on whilst discussing your requirements.

Do you want a baby in arms or a trained puppy on a lead?

Parents often believe that children want a tiny baby, however often the reality of an untrained puppy can be scary for children if the basics of bite inhibition, jumping, mouthing etc are not addressed immediately upon arrival. It is essential that you adopt at the correct age and training stage when bringing a puppy into your lives. There is no right or perfect age (regardless of what the books say) – only which stage of training is best for your circumstances.

The youngest (by law) you can adopt is 8 weeks of age. At this young age your puppy is not fully vaccinated and cannot go into the garden or be exposed to external germs without risking life threatening diseases such as Parvo. 14 days after last vaccine (given 10 weeks old) then you can commence external lead and toilet training etc. This is often a popular age to adopt since Puppy can go straight into garden. You can then immediately commence basic training or at least go to the park.

After 12 weeks, we use positive reward based training to ensure that the basics are done effectively and efficiently. At handover puppy should at least then walk on a lead, have started clicker training etc. Watch some of our videos to see the standard your puppy could reach within only a few weeks of training here with us. The feedback we receive from families who adopt a partly trained Labradoodle is that settling Puppy is considerably easier and without any reduction in the bond between owner/new puppy.

Considering whether a slightly older, partly trained puppy would be right for your family? Read the Case Studies below: