5 - Puppy Preparation

Whilst waiting for a puppy, it is easy to become overwhelmed with advice from books, other doggy parents, pet-shops, tv shows….  The entire world seems to want to share their experiences and frankly, it can be scarier than having a human baby (and you get less time to prepare!).
Relax, breathe – have a cup of tea and make a list. OR even easier – let us organise everything!
Our comprehensive handover includes grooming, puppy care, toilet training, flea/worming, crate training and so much more. We have all puppy goods for sale at adoption so we can show you how to use them. If you are UK based, the only thing you need to organise is securing your garden – the rest we can do. The cost of the goods is simply added to your balance for puppy and you can pay by cash or VISA DEBIT at collection.
We also offer additional courier service or comprehensive handover in your own home, arriving with everything you need and helping settle puppy,  erect crate, and explain goods. Let us make this special day both memorable and enjoyable.