About DoodleDogs

Who We Are and How We Started

DoodleDogs is a family business, founded in 2003 by Lisa Joyaa Rose (formerly Lisa Carson). As the first Australian Labradoodle breeders (UK), we are experts in all things doodle. 

Lisa Joyaa Rose is a former food solicitor, working at one of the top law firms in the UK. After her first child developed asthma, she wanted to find a family dog that was hypoallergenic and asthma-friendly. 

Lisa Carson, founder of doodleDogs

Based in Cardiff, but our doodles can be found with families across the UK. Unfortunately, under COVID restrictions, we are currently unable to have visitors. However, we can still share videos/photos/updates. We'll even deliver your chosen pup to you!

Our Motivation

After some research into Australian Labradoodles, Lisa decided to go to Australia and bring over the first Labradoodle. DoodleDogs was born! 17 years and 2 more kids later, Lisa is still passionate about ethical breeding practices and preserving the breed’s lines.

She has grown to be one of the most reputable labradoodle breeders in the world. As a result, we export puppies internationally and throughout the UK.

Initially breeding British and Australian Labradoodles, we now only breed Australian Cobberdogs. If you want to know the difference, see our four types of labradoodles blog post. We explain everything.

Health Screening tests for Labradoodles


Our aim is to breed happy, healthy puppies. Therefore, animal welfare is at the forefront of all our work. We check for 36 genetic problems that are completely avoidable with proper screening.

Lisa also started her own dog food company, specifically catered towards doodles and cross-breeds. The food is grain-free, with no added chicken. In our experience, many doodles are intolerant to these two ingredients. We wanted to offer a healthy alternative. They also taste delicious!

Our Team

Since we’re a family business, we have a small but dedicated team. They work with us, constantly providing our dogs with excellent care. 

Before you visit, you’ll probably speak to Grace. As Lisa’s second oldest daughter, she’s grown up with animals. If you have any questions about a particular puppy, she's the first person to ask. She'll make sure you find the pup that's right for you.

Lisa has three other daughters ranging from 6-21. They all love dogs. So, if you have children, don't worry. Not only are Cobberdogs naturally gentle, ours are well socialised and cuddled.

We also have a cat, Sirius, who sometimes says hi. If you have other pets, we always recommend taking caution when introducing a new dog into the home. There's lots more info on our blog to help you.

Grace, Lisa Carson's family with labradoodle puppy

Why Choose DoodleDogs As Your Cobberdog Breeder

Our Core Principles

Here at DoodleDogs, we are passionate about ensuring all our puppies are happy and healthy. We have three core principles that we breed from:

  1. Selection - When breeding any type of animal, it’s vital to get the right bloodlines and parent combination. It minimises the risk of inbreeding. It’s also essential that we match our puppies with the right family. Before adopting from us, we make sure: 1. you're ready to adopt 2. the puppy will fit into your life.
  2. Science - We use the latest DNA tests for hereditary disease screening. When pups enrol in our training program, we also use clicker training techniques. It's proven to be a ethical, effective and easy way for new owners to continue their training after adoption.  
  3. Service - We take pride in providing a professional and friendly adoption process. To answer any questions you have, we created a free resource centre. It’s important to us that every new dog owner is properly equipped. Not just with the right tools, but also the knowledge to care for a dog. 

Family with their Australian Cobberdog

Family getting new merle puppy

Child with her 2 Australian Cobberdogs

Accredited MDBA Cobberdog Breeder

We are fully licensed, Cobberdog registered breeders. All our Australian Cobberdogs are MDBA approved. Our membership number is 17619. Please contact the MDBA vie email: info@mdba.net.au to verify our membership.

family with Australian cobberdog puppy

Young girl with her new labradoodle puppy

International Exports

What if you live outside the UK? We can help! We’ve exported dogs worldwide. Familiar with most countries’ regulations, we can provide:

  1. A courier
  2. Passport and specific documents
  3. Relevant vaccinations

Depending on where you are, these requirements can vary. We'll ensure all paperwork is ready, and your dog arrives safely. For more info, check out our International Adoptions and our Export Procedures

Australian Labradoodle in Spain International Export

Boy with his Australian Labradoodle

Young boy with his Australian Cobberdog

Partly Trained Puppy

Are you looking for a puppy, but too busy to commit to an 8-week old? A partly-trained puppy might be the answer. All our pups enrol into our training program at 12 weeks old. They will continue to learn until adoption. If you’d like to know more, check out our trained Labradoodle videos

Children with cream labradoodle puppy