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All our partly-trained puppies are thirteen weeks or older. From this age onwards, they are fully protected with their vaccinations up-to-date. 

What does this mean for you?

You can start outside toilet training and lead walking! You can also enter a training classroom and start to grasp the concept of clicker training.  

All of this makes transitioning from a tiny baby puppy to a young dog much easier and quicker for you.

What we provide with a thirteen-week old pup:

  1. Fully vaccinated: Your pup can go straight into the garden for potty training. This will significantly reduce the mess in your home.
  2. Disease risk is dramatically reduced: Particularly the risk of Parvo, which is deadly).
  3. Passport/Rabies/Titre: We can organise international travel worldwide.
  4. Lead training: Your puppy will be walking on a lead (to the left) at collection. The journey home will be much less traumatic, and you'll know your pup can walk on a lead. The first challenge is already done!
  5. Clicker training: This is age dependant, but your pup might have already transitioned to operant conditioning training.
  6. Additional socialisation/experiences: This can include horses, furry animals and traffic.
  7. Car training: Less vomiting = less mess.
  8.  Crate training: Your pup will be used to sleeping in a crate. When you get home, however, this won't stop the crying completely. They're in a completely new place, so it's bound to be disorientating. Crate training beforehand will hopefully reduce your sleepless nights. 
  9. Toilet training: You can start immediately outside.
  10. Residentials: Your pup will be ready for day-care, puppy sitters or kennels if you work or have travel planned in the first month.

Puppies over four months: You can opt for preliminary x-rays to determine hip/elbow stability, as well as a patella (knee) luxation vet check. It's ideal if your priority is the reduction of risks associated with congenital structural problems.

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We're passionate about ensuring your pup is happy and healthy. Training provides puppies with the foundational skills and socialisation necessary to positively interact with people and other animals. We extensively health screen and vet check our puppies so we know they get the best start in life. We use clicker training to develop positive behaviours in our pups, and to stop them developing bad habits like jumping up or biting.

Labradoodles are intelligent, empathetic and want to please you. Initially bred to be service and therapy dogs, they are easy to train and perfect if you're a first time dog owner. If you've got any questions regarding our training, or have any specific requirements (resident pets, disabilities, asthma), please contact us. We have 20 years of experience and would love to help you find the newest addition to your family.

If you'd like to see videos of our pups in training, check out our gallery. We've got tons of footage, and love sharing the puppies' progress!