Male vs Female Labradoodles

Should you adopt a male or female dog?

When choosing a puppy, there are many factors to consider. One of the most obvious, and sometimes difficult decision, is gender. Should you pick a male or female Labradoodle? Wo help you decide, we've outlined all the differences and similarities between the two.

Labradoodle Temperament: Male vs Female

A lot of people think there's a clear difference in temperament between a male and female labradoodle puppy. The truth is, it's not as apparent as you might think.

The male labradoodle temperament is much the same as a female's. Many people ask us whether male dogs are typically a little more dominant than females? The answer is no. Once neutered, the testosterone-related behaviours typical of entire male dogs are not noticeable.

We neuter pre-adoption to ensure the gender-related complications are substantially reduced, if not eliminated. Without the smell of testosterone, young boys are not a threat to older, entire males in the park. As a result, they don’t experience the hostility of being a new male pup in the area.

Furthermore, they don't have any sexual urges. Related behaviours such as wandering, humping and constant marking of territory are unnecessary. Life is simply less complicated.

Service dogs

If you're concerned about personality, Cobberdogs are known to be non-aggressive. In fact, most Australian Labradoodles, male or female, make excellent therapy or guide dogs. Since they are bred for this role, temperament is a key factor when we select breeding lines. As a result, Cobberdogs are gentle and empathetic by nature.

We have placed many of our partly-trained, young Australian Labradoodle and Australian Cobberdog puppies into:

  1. Service homes
  2. Schools
  3. Autistic support roles

These have been with adults, teenagers and young children.

Male or female dog labradoodle puppy

School Labradoodle Service Dog

Female Labradoodle Size

A female Labradoodle's size tends to be slightly smaller than its male counterpart. Their frame is typically more petite, and not as muscular. Therefore, we consider gender when estimating adult weight.

Size measurements are a great indication, but each pup is unique. If size is important to you, remember a male will likely grow to the top end of their size bracket.

We will guide you once we understand your preferences and requirements. A small-medium female Labradoodle, for example, is comparable to a large-mini male labradoodle puppy. We can help you, based on our experience, decide which one suits your lifestyle better.

Measuring Labradoodle Sizes Chart

Mini Labradoodle

Large mini male labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle sizes

Male or Female Dogs' Weight

We are often asked, “What weight should a male standard Labradoodle be?”. We don’t have a specific male Labradoodle size chart. Instead, we work to this unisex chart when working out and predicting height and weight.

Male dogs tend to be stockier, so will often weigh slightly more than females as fully grown adults.

Our Cobberdogs should remain roughly within these ranges. However, if your dog is overweight, gender doesn't matter. They can still develop conditions like diabetes.

All dogs require proper portion sizes and exercise. If this is a concern for you, consider our Designer Dog Foods “lite” range such as Dumplin’ Doodles.

Male vs Female Weight

The average weight: Male Labradoodles tend to be on the upper range in terms of weight and height. They also have a bigger build. If you're looking for something more robust, this is perfect. Our biggest dog is Larry. He's over 25 inches to the shoulder, and a stunning red or ginger coat colour.

Female Labradoodle Size: Often, females have a smaller frame and are lighter. Their build isn't as solid as males.

Is a Male or Female Dog Right For You?

We can't guarantee that your chosen puppy is going to be larger than its siblings. However, we can predict size fairly accurately by looking at the puppy’s head and paw size from a young age.

If sizing is important to you, then ask your breeder about the pedigree breeds used to create your new family member. Obviously, the larger British Labradoodles will be influenced by the Labrador Retriever parent as well as the standard poodle or miniature/toy poodle.

Remember, our Australian Cobberdogs are not simply Labrador x Poodle hybrids, but a breed in development. As they are an infusion of up to eight pedigree breeds (of varying sizes), we can accurately predict and control their height and weight. We’re even more precise with the smaller Labradoodles.

What about your Australian Labradoodle's height (male)?

As we've stated, boys typically grow to the higher end of the spectrum. If you definitely want a small dog, we recommend choosing a female Labradoodle. There’s a higher chance of her being more petite and slim than her brothers.

Female Labradoodle Size: Often, females have a smaller frame. Their build isn't as solid as males.

Are there any health differences between girls and boys?

All our Australian Cobberdog parents are fully health tested. There does not appear to be any correlation between screening results based on gender comparisons. Once spayed or neutered, the gender-related potential problems are reduced, if not eliminated. In girls, this would be conditions like womb infections. In boys, prostate problems.


Are there availability differences between male and female dogs?

Typically within a litter, there are even numbers of boys and girls. This is the same for all dog breeds. We don’t typically have a litter with only girls left or solely boys available.

Do female Labradoodles cost more than males?

Our female Labradoodles for sale cost the same as our males. Our puppy pricing is based on:

  1. Age and training
  2. Standard or rare coat colouring

black Australian Cobberdog Labradoodle puppy

Male or female dog price depends on rare colouring

Males vs Female’s Effect On Your Grass

Whilst there aren't many temperament differences, a deciding factor for many people is their garden and avoiding lawn damage. 

Female dogs have a bigger impact on your grass than males. Why? Because of the way they pee. Since female dogs squat, they target a single spot with a concentrated amount of urine. The compounding effect of which damages the grass. 

Male puppies do squat initially. However, as they mature, they tend to go toward the garden edges. They eventually lift their leg against a tree or something similar. This method disperses the urine across a broader area, damaging the grass at a much slower rate. 

The negative side to this, however, is it can damage small plants or scrubs. If they pick the same spot every time, you might have some unhappy flora. 

If you want your male dog to pick a specific spot and return to it to preserve your flowers, there are products available. A pee post, for example, provides a designated toilet area for your pet. If you want them away from specific plants in your garden, this can be a great tool to help you both. 


Pee Post

Male vs female labradoodle pee post

In terms of size and urine, larger dogs do produce a larger volume. Since males are generally larger than females, this might make a difference to you. If you are more protective over your prize shrubs than your lawn, females might be a better option.

You can combat the effects of urine on your grass with products like Dog Rocks. Simply put the dog rocks in your dog's water bowl. They reduce the amount of nitrate in your dog's urine, which helps preserve the grass for longer. 

These products are available from us on Adoption Day and we have a subscription service available if you wish to receive replacement rocks automatically without the need to remember to re-order.

You can combat the effects of urine on your grass with products like Dog Rocks. Simply put the dog rocks in your dog's water bowl. They reduce the amount of nitrate in your dog's urine, which helps preserve the grass for longer. 

Dog Rocks

male or female Dog rocks water female labradoodles