Who thought of the name "Labradoodle"?

Lets be honest - it’s a cute name. A marketing guru trying to think of a memorable word for a new breed of dog, would deserve a corner office with a window, if they came up with “Labradoodle”. The name is memorable, distinct and inspired. We all wish we’d have thought of it and trademarked it. However it is not a recent marketing spin - the name has actually been around for well over 60 years.

The first  "Labradoodle" in print !

Sir Donald Campbell owned a Labrador x Poodle called Maxie in the 1950’s and in his 1955 book “ Into The Water Barrier” it is named as and referred to as a “Labradoodle”. This is the earliest reference to “Labradoodle” we can find.

So clearly the name appeared well before Wally Cochran (who claims to have named the breed in the 1980’s then later very publicly dis-owned it) or Guide Dogs Australia (who had the first official breeding program) or the Australian breed co- founders mother and daughter at Rutland Manor and Tegan Park (“RM/TP”).

Nevertheless there is still controversy over who invented intentional cross- breeding. All we really know is that poodle crossing became popular in Australia around the year 1989. Service dog organisations and dog breeders in particular RM/TP started intentionally crossing pedigree breeds to produce lower shedding, reduced dander and less smelly dogs for allergic clients.