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Your Puppy has a microchip in the back of its neck. The microchip contains a unique number which is registered to you. In the event of your dog being lost/stolen this microchip should hopefully assist in reuniting you with your dog.  A vet or warden uses a scanner to read the unique number in the embedded microchip and then looks on the database for the owner details which we have supplied directly. 

You will be asked for the following in order to register your ownership on microchip database

  1. Name of intended legal owner – this needs to be an adult, not a child
  2. Name of Puppy if known already (not essential)
  3. Main postal address for your contact details
  4. Email address 
  5. Up to 3 telephone numbers to contact 

The microchip we use is suitable for international travel, if you intend have a passport.


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