New Puppy in car journey home

It is prudent to plan how you intend transporting the pup home – whether you are going to use a car carrier, a car guard or simply have pup on a lap. If you are investing in a dog carrier and have a sloped rear or hatchback car then best get one with a slanted side not a rectangle. We sell the slanted car crates at collection/handover.

You will also need a towel or similar to wrap pup in (consider making a poncho to protect you and pup by folding in half then cutting a small semi circle out of middle to place over pups head so they wear it home) or at least something to clean pup after accidents. Plastic bags, spray cleaner and wipes are handy. Newspaper/puppy pads to place on ground if intending to stop at services and let pup have a wee – remember pup can’t touch ground. Nappy bags/ popper scooper bags handy as well if not used to carrying these in car.

ACCIDENTS plenty newspaper, kitchen rolls, spray etc. Plastic backed “training pads” are easier to clean up as they don’t drip everywhere. We sell the grass pads not the urine ones as we had feedback that it was hard to transfer the pups outside when using the original urine smelling ones. We also have everything here you could possibly need from cleaing equipment to distraction toys and travel water bowls.