Branston Bear

Brown Large Australian Labradoodle
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  • Branston is an Australian Labradoodle but has a smooth/scruffy coat
  • Parents are both curly - Branston simply didnt inherit their curls
  • Beautiful temperament - read his update
  • Soft furry - bear-like feel to his coat, not harsh or wiry like a british labradoodle
  • This incorrect coat may be genetically linked to the Irish Water Dog or similar in the ancestry of an Australian Labradoodle
  • Smooth/scruffy/shedding labradoodles occasionally are born in litters of ASDs however they are rare and very apparent

Branston is an australian labradoodle without the normal curls! But we all still lvoe him. Not suitable for families with asthma/allergies this coat is great if you dont want the regular cutting etc. But they do shed !


Update form his fmaily 2 weeks after adoption:

It’s two weeks since we adopted Branston Bear and I thought you’d like an update.
Branston is now well settled into his new home with us and we can’t remember life without him.
He is sleeping through the night on his own in the kitchen without any fuss. He is eating heartily and responding well to toilet training. No accidents for the last three days!
I have taken him to the woods, fields and dog parks locally. All safe and free from traffic so he has been able to play with his new friends off the lead.
He is curious about everything and anyone new. He is admired by all that pass him. I have had several families stop their cars and pull over to meet him!
He’s growing in confidence and we have to keep a careful eye on him otherwise he does tend to pinch things!
He is a beautiful, calm, gentle darling of a dog and we can’t believe our luck!”


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