School Visit – Talk on Dog Safety

Guinness, Cadbury and PipSqueak - 3 of our pups in training attended a local school when doodleDogs were invited to give a presentation about dogs & safety covering aspects of dog ownership and how to look after a dog, how to safely approach a dog and how to play nicely with our canine companions. Guiness is a black small medium fleece ASD australian labradoodle whilst Cadbury is a Medium+ Chocolate Fleece ASD Australian labradoodle. PipSqueak is one of our smallest minis (hence the name ! She is tiny..) . All the children and the partly trained labradoodles had a great time - Thanks to Logan for inviting us ! Enjoy the video and please share if you know anyone looking for a placid service personality labradoodle puppy as Cadbury and Domino are perfect ! (Pipsqueak is a larger personality depsite her tiny stature).