Guardian Home Programme

Upcoming Opportunities


We are currently looking for local guardian homes for:

Taffy - a small medium black female, estimated to grow to 17/18" to the shoulder and 12-16kg. Born June 2023, Taffy is partly-trained with a friendly, gentle temperament. She has completed her initial health screening with OFA Good hips.

Olive - a mini chocolate merle female, estimated to grow to 15/16" to the shoulder and 7-12kg. Olive is 5 months old, partly-trained with a playful, affectionate temperament. She has completed her initial health screening with OFA Good hips.

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Discover the Joy of Being a Guardian Home Family


A Tail-Wagging Opportunity Awaits!

Are you a dog lover dreaming of adding a furry companion to your family? Or perhaps someone who cherishes the unique bond that only a loyal canine can offer? If so, we have an exclusive opportunity that's too good to miss. Introducing our Guardian Home Programme - a pioneering initiative designed to benefit everyone involved, especially our cherished Australian Cobberdogs.

Why Choose the Guardian Home Programme?


1. A Commitment to Diversity and Health

We take pride in maintaining a wide gene pool and keeping inbreeding percentages low. Why? Because the health and happiness of our dogs are paramount. Our dedication ensures that each Cobberdog enjoys a long, joyful life as part of your family.

2. Loving Homes for Our Breeding Dogs

Our Cobberdogs deserve the best. That’s why our Guardian Home Programme places these incredible dogs in loving homes, not kennels. We believe in breeding incredible family pets from incredible family pets.

3. Raising the Bar for Well-Being

Every Cobberdog raised through our programme is friendly, loving, obedient, and well-socialised. The aim? To ensure they never need to be rehomed. We're setting new standards in how companion animals are raised.

Joining our Guardian Home Programme opens a world of benefits:

  • Pick of The Litter: Families receive our top-pick puppy at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Health Comes First: We cover comprehensive health screenings and DNA tests.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy discounts on food, equipment, grooming, and more.
  • Heartwarming Holidays: Guardian home dogs spend joyful holidays with us, ensuring they remain happy and comfortable in both homes.
  • Full Support: Adhere to our expert guidelines on feeding, healthcare, and grooming, crafted for optimal well-being.

Are You the Pawfect Match?


Our Guardian Home Programme is designed for families who:

- Have ample love and time to devote to a wonderful Cobberdog companion.

- May not afford to purchase a puppy in the usual manner.

- Desire the enriching experience of having a litter without the extensive commitment required.

Our Australian Cobberdogs are more than just pets; they are companions, therapy, and assistance dogs, embodying a spirit of service and unmatched temperament. Through our unwavering commitment to genetic health testing, we ensure these incredible animals serve as loyal friends for years to come.

Your Role in Fostering Future Generations



By becoming a Guardian Home, you play a vital role in nurturing a future generation of beloved pets. After fulfilling their breeding duties, with a maximum of 3-4 litters for females and up to 5-6 years old for males, these dogs are spayed/neutered at our expense and continue their lives in their forever families.

This isn't just about raising a pet; it's about becoming part of a meaningful legacy.

What’s Next?


Are you ready to welcome boundless love and joy into your home? To become part of a program that’s rewarding in every sense? Fill out our contact form and discover how our Guardian Home Programme can change your life and those of our beloved Cobberdogs.

Together, we will raise the 'bar'k! Together, we will make a difference – one Cobberdog at a time.