International Adoptions

Outside the United Kingdom? No Problem - We Export Worldwide.

With over 10 years experience of shipping Australian Labradoodle puppies to their new homes we can organise transport to your nearest main airport or delivery by a local agent, to your home. Within Europe we also quote for a door to door service by road.  We usually organise the entire process from applying for import/export permits, booking flights, IATA transport crate, any rabies/additional vaccinations/vet checks needed and we also drive puppy to airport with attendance through check-in and x-ray. We are registered with HMRC for the export of animals and licensed with DEFRA for the transport of animals within Europe.

We ship to all countries which permit import from the UK. Shipping costs will add considerably to your budget for importing a puppy from UK particularly if your government stipulates minimum age or specific vaccinations/checks as additional training and also increasing weight for flight costs.

Read our 10 step guide to importing from the UK

Jimmy in Hong Kong

Charlie in Dubai

Choose your country below for more information – don’t worry if your country isn’t listed yet, contact us for more information.

What will my puppy travel in?

All puppies travelling either via air or road are required to be contained in a crate. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) have specific requirements for travel crates. A puppy has to be able to sit, stand, lie down, turn around comfortably and have access to water during the journey. Airlines are very strict on welfare and the puppies are well cared for during their time at the airports. All of our puppies begin familiarisation with crates at a young age as we use them when cleaning, on trips to the vets etc. Once we know a puppy has been allocated to an International family, we introduce the puppy to IATA crates and they get used to spending more time in them prior to their journey. By the time the day of their flight has arrived and they are very settled and comfortable travelling in a crate.

Help! I don't know what documents I need?!

No problem. We can arrange all documents required for export and import. We work closely with third party agents and Veterinary Surgeons to ensure all paperwork is correct for a smooth transition from one country to another.

Rabies or no rabies - how do I know?

We will make sure you puppy receives all vaccinations they require to enter your country, and ensure any waiting times are adhered to before travel also. We will also ensure they receive any required treatments against ticks or tapeworm.

Will my puppy be tired/worn out when they arrive?

In our experience, it can be quite the opposite! Where as when we travel we tend to find it tiring and draining, as puppies are used to crate training, they often sleep most of the journey. By the time they arrive they are ready to get out and start exploring their new home. Obviously expect them to tire quickly the first few days as they will be absorbing and learning so many new things, it is alot to process especially in young puppies. However, once they have had a power nap, they will be raring to go again.

Is the courier licenced to transport dogs?

Yes. Both ourselves, and the third party courier are licenced and insured to transport dogs, within the UK and Internationally if your puppy is travelling via road. There are strict regulations to follow to ensure your puppy receives the best care on their journey and we make sure puppy is priority at all times.