Considering bringing an Australian Labradoodle to Bermuda?

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How to get a Labradoodle puppy into Bermuda

The UK country is officially quarantined rabies area! We organise all export permits & import permits, licensed veterinarian checks and pre-flight health documents which dogs' require.  Your puppy will arrive at Bermuda International Airport aged 10 weeks old or older after full vaccination certificates and veterinary statements. We have exported many vet checked Australian Labradoodles puppies to Bermuda in the past and we'll do our best to make the application form and process as simple as possible. Our Official Veterinarian will organise the Defra (department of environmental protection) document and any tick treatment needed prior to flying across in an IATA approved direct flight.  We recommend using an agent who oversees all dogs and cats breeds of any age clearing Bermuda customs at L.F. Wade International Airport.

We can provide an inclusive puppy plus shipping cost for a dog's arrival in Bermuda.  This price includes EHC, Import permit issued within 10 days prior to arrival, pre-travel health vet check including parasite treatment, declaration that the puppy has not been exposed to rabies, fly travel crate IATA approved, courier to London airport and aeroplane flight in animal freight. If possible please allow us 30 days notice of your request in order for us to obtain all the documents needed for your Australian Cobberdog to enter Bermuda.

Australian Cobberdogs are a mixed breed in development that originated in Australia from Labrador, Poodle, Spaniel and other infusion breeds. Labradoodles make wonderful family pets and can tolerate hot weather countries well - they are from Australia after all! If you are considering adopting a labradoodle puppy from the UK and bringing them into Bermuda by air then we'd love to hear from you. We have many happy adoptive families there in Bermuda who can put your mind at ease that you'll be collecting a healthy, happy puppy from the Bermuda airport.  Fill in our contact form to start the process as we do currently have room on our waiting list for families looking for a Bermuda puppy in the next one to three months. We can even accompany your puppy ourselves - our team love a trip to Bermuda! Or we have agents Puppy Love BDA who can organise the entire process for you.

Testimonial family in Bermuda

"We had been considering a puppy for a while but living abroad with a very busy household and numerous international trips through the year it just never seemed like the right time......until 2020 came along and changed everything, suddenly we were working/schooling from home and international trips were a thing of the past. Being from Wales I was delighted when a friend told me her 2 gorgeous Labradoodles had come from a Welsh breeder who she highly recommended. Cue a call to Lisa and the rest is history! Max arrived via British Airways to Bermuda on September 4, 2020. The children had no idea what we were going to the airport for so you can imagine the emotional first meeting with the puppy they didn’t know they were getting after years of begging! Max has been everything and more we hoped for, a fabulous addition to our family....our only regret is that we didn’t get 2!"