Importing a Labradoodle puppy into UAE

How to adopt a Cobberdog into Dubai 

The UAE recognises that the United Kingdom is rabies controlled country. As a rabies-free zone, no titer blood test or extended waiting period is needed. This means that you receive a 15 week or 4-month-old puppy with 3-5 weeks of training.  Over the last two decades, we have exported Labradoodles and Cobberdogs from the UK into homes worldwide. This includes Cobberdog Labradoodles to Dubai families in UAE. Our team are very experienced and will ensure your pets comply with the regulations in place. We organise all export documents and the import permit required for a Cobberdog (Australian Labradoodle) puppy to fly into UAE and arrange travel from our house to yours.

The UAE dog import rules:

  1. Disease vaccinations, e.g. Parvo, Distemper and Lepto.
  2. ISO Microchip implanted and registered for International travel
  3. Male and female puppies are neutered pre-adoption
  4. Rabies vaccination at three months old
  5. Be a minimum of 15 weeks to 4 calendar months old.
  6. Apply to DEFRA for an Export Health Certificate
  7. Parasitic treatments - ticks and tapeworm as needed
  8. Have an official veterinarian sign the health certificate
  9. Declaration regarding contact with wild animals and prohibited breeds
  10. Apply for an import permit
  11. Courier to London airport - Heathrow or Gatwick
  12. Travel crate which complies with airline IATA regulations
  13. Check-in and export clearance checks
  14. Flight - direct to UAE
  15. Customs clearance and import checks
  16. Delivery to a residence or collection from the airport

We have happy owners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and elsewhere in the Emirates and nearby countries such as Qatar and Oman.

oman labradoodle

Export Permit

Dogs or cats travelling to UAE need to have DEFRA export paperwork completed by an Official Veterinarian (government vet) the day before the flight. This pre-flight health check ensures that your puppy is fit to fly and is free of any contagious or infectious diseases. The vet will also treat your puppy for ticks and tapeworms. The original export documents travel with the puppy and are checked by the government vets in London and then re-checked upon arrival in UAE.

Prohibited dog breeds

As the Cobberdog, or any type of labradoodle, is a mixed breed, the correct descriptions must be used on all paperwork.

Certain breeds are prohibited in the UAE, some of which are commonly found in the UK, such as Boxers, Dobermans, Rottweilers or Staffordshire Bull Terriers. This ban also includes any cross of these breeds.

So if a breeder or vet signs the export paperwork as “crossbreed” or “Labrador cross” or “Poodle x”, then the import may be rejected. The UAE government needs to know what other breed has been mixed. Our pups are recognised as Australian Cobberdogs, and each has a unique number registered on the MBDA as a breed in development.

Import permit

UAE residents can apply for an import permit from their government officials. Alternatively, we can work with a shipping partner there who can obtain the permit for you and handle the whole process and deliver your labradoodle or Cobberdog to your home.

The rabies vaccination card and paperwork are submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Water ( moccae.gov.ae ), who then issue the permit. This application takes typically around 7 to 21 days to be issued.

This permit is valid for 30 days from its issue and can be obtained by registering for the pet import permit here. You can also find detailed information from The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE).

Dubai Airport

Typically pet animals travelling to the United Arab Emirates arrive at international airports of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. However, we can arrange for importation into any of the Arab countries. Booking is usually with British Airways, Virgin, Qantas or Emirates airlines as they fly dogs directly to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The original documentation travels with your puppy, including the rabies vaccination card, original EHC.

Cabin or Cargo?

All pet dogs arriving in Dubai have to travel as freight, which means they are shipped as manifested cargo. Pets cannot travel with the owner as added luggage or in-cabin. Only two pets can travel to the UAE per person, and each animal requires an import permit.

UAE Customs puppy clearance

Collecting a pet and clearing customs can take between 3.5 and 5.5 hours. Therefore it’s always a good idea to consider adding the service of delivering your pet to your home immediately after clearance.

Heat safety - is dubai too hot for a labradoodle?

Australian Cobberdogs adapt well to heat. After all, their country of origin is extremely hot - Australia! Pets are taken off the aircraft first and quickly transported to a dedicated animal-holding area within the airport. This animal centre is air-conditioned, as are the pet-friendly vehicles used to transport cats and dogs from the aircraft.

Don’t worry; all puppies are well cared for during transit. The IATA approved crate ensures your puppy is safe, comfortable and has plenty of room for the journey. Water is constantly available and is checked regularly by the staff looking after pets travelling with the airline.

Our pups who have flown to UAE adapt very well and settle quickly. During the weeks leading up to travelling to UAE, they are crated trained, and we have different sizes of IATA crates in our home, so they are accustomed to house and aircraft crates. This means they are used to being inside a transport crate as it is more enclosed than a typical house crate.

Dog registration with Dubai Municipality

Your puppy will arrive with full vaccinations and documents. This includes vaccines for Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis, amongst others. If you reside in Dubai before needing your following vaccines, you’ll need to register your dog. Vet clinics in Dubai are mandated by law to register your pet with Dubai Municipality at that point.

Having a Dubai labradoodle cobberdog puppy

Dogs are not allowed on beaches or public parks; however, there are friendly areas available for UAE pet owners, such as The Greens Dog Park, JLT Dog Park, Sustainable City Dog Park, and BarkPark in Al Awir.

https://www.flopster.com/events/ is an excellent resource for dog owners to find pet-friendly places in the UAE. Download their app for the best experience.

Choosing to import a labradoodle in Dubai from another country can be a high risk, especially in light of the recent increase in puppy scams online. We aim to make the process as easy and reassuring as possible. We pride ourselves on offering UAE familes, great customer service and respond within 24 hours to all enquiries by sending information on the Cobberdog breed, health screening and a password to access our extensive online resource centre.