How to import a Labradoodle into Switzerland?

We export 15 week old Australian Cobberdog puppies to Switzerland

Bringing your Australian Cobberdog into Switzerland as pet travels is relatively straightforward. Your puppy must have a rabies vaccination at 12 weeks old and wait 21 days prior to travel. This means that to bring a puppy into Switzerland from the UK, the dog must be a minimum of 15 weeks old. It is not possible to come to Heathrow airport, collect a British puppy and travel back at a younger age (for example 8 weeks old). An Animal Health Certificate must be completed by an Official Veterinarian prior to travel.

The UK no longer uses the EU pet passport system as no longer an EU member state.  However, dogs from the UK can enter Switzerland without quarantine provided the correct procedure and process is followed for exemption.  An Animal Health Certificate must be completed by an Official Veterinarian prior to travel.

Vimto's Ready for Export

Rabies vaccine at 12 weeks old, then wait 21 days before entering Switzerland.

We organise all export permit and import requirements, Switzerland veterinary certificates and health certificates required for European travel.  Our licensed shipping agent will arrange travel to Switzerland from our house to Zurich airport or Geneva airport using Swissair or British Airways. All you need to do is collect your puppy from the airport and settle any custom tax or National charges. A UK official veterinarian authorised by DEFRA (Department of Environment - our government federal food safety and veterinary office) will sign all the necessary health checks.

Lisa will sign a declaration that the puppy has not been in contact with wild animals (needed to ensure young animals' safety and avoid high risk pets entering Switzerland), has been resident in the UK since birth. Your puppy will have rabies vaccination at 12 weeks old, or 3 months of age and then start in our training program for the 21 days (or longer 30 days waiting period if requested by you) prior to entering Switzerland. All health certificates, rabies vaccine card, health declaration, tick treatment, tapeworm treatment if needed will all be completed here by our local Official Veterinarian. This is the same for dogs and cats travelling accompanied or unaccompanied to Switzerland from the united kingdom.   If you wish to extend the training period then we do offer a 60 days training program if you prefer.

We are experienced exporters of dogs from the UK to Switzerland and have many happy Swiss families who have adopted and imported either a Labradoodle, Australian Labradoodle or Australian Cobberdog from us over the last 2 decades of breeding. We totally understand that choosing a puppy from another country outside Switzerland can be a real worry.  So we want to make the process as easy, simple and reassuring as possible.

We can provide an inclusive cost for your 15 week old puppy to include vaccinations, vet and health checks, rabies and shipping costs to Switzerland.  This also includes permits, AHC (Animal Health Certificate), pre-travel health check, travel crate (IATA) and courier to London Heathrow airport and Flight to Zurich airport or Geneva. Road transport is also available if preferred.