Large Cobberdogs

Larry is our largest Cobberdog and still growing ! He is over 20" and 20kg now and not a year old. If you are looking for a cobberdog puppy and love larger standard sized labradoodles then join our reservation list for a medium+ sized cobberdog. Larry is an Australian Cobberdog imported from Australia who joined us. Already screened as good hips/elbows and negative patellas as well as extensively DNA screened negative for hereditary disorders common in the labradoodle breed - we think he is a great looking boy. His coat is a fleece apricot/red and his nose is black. Standing next to Lisa Joyaa Rose (Carson) who is 5 foot 4" he comes up to her hip height. The standard sized cobberdog is a gentle giant and Larry has a soulful temperament, the is laid back yet happy and sociable with dogs and children, even the cats. We class a mini size as under 17" to shoulder and medium cobberdogs or labradoodles start at 18" to shoulder with the larger labradoodles measuring at 21" or more. Larry is a standard sized cobberdog and is comparable to a golden retriever in size. We think he is gorgeous. Keep up to date with our Facebook page to see more of larry and check out his page below