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The one thing which all the different types have in common is the need for PARENTAL HEALTH SCREENING.  These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and patella luxation (kneecaps slipping).  Responsible breeders' pups benefit from over 35 DNA screening test for various hereditary health problems.

Even with these tests, the breeder can not guarantee health. Unfortunately, there is a multitude of problems which the current science has no screening test.

Structural testing by x-ray reduces risk whilst DNA testing of parents eliminates the possibility of producing an Affected puppy. This elimination is only valid if both parents are Clear. Alternatively, if one parent is Clear and the other is a Carrier or Affected.

We accept the scientific tests for dog genetics is complicated. However, you should have a basic understanding of the diseases and the DNA tests available.

This knowledge will help you evaluate which breeder to choose. This will affect how much your labradoodle costs.  How much to pay for a Labradoodle puppy is one of our most frequent questions asked.

Australian Cobberdog Prices
How much to pay for an Australian Cobberdog cost £5000+

Considering joining our list for a labradoodle puppy?  The first step is to complete the contact form on this website to receive a series of seven e-mails. In addition to the first email, you should receive a password to our Resource Centre to read our additional materials.

If you do not receive these please check your junk or spam filters then white list my email lisa@labradoodles.co.uk. The information will direct you to the Puppy Preferences Form. This simple form needs to be completed before you schedule a call.

We provide information on the labradoodle sizes, colours and coat types available. We are UK breeders of mini Labradoodles puppies as well as Medium Labradoodles. We occasionally birth standard Labradoodle puppies.

We have a rainbow of colours in our Australian Labradoodle lines. Our average availability is chocolate Labradoodle and black Labradoodles.

In the lighter shades, we classify white through cream Labradoodles and gold Labradoodles as normal colours.  The rare colourings are the black merles chocolate merles, partis and the apricot or red Labradoodles which tend to be almost ginger.

Many of the frequently asked questions are answered. For example, whether there is any difference between male and female labradoodle puppies? Another popular question is what age should I take my puppy home from the breeder?

Before committing to a puppy joining your family, we suggest a thorough evaluation of your life. This will ensure a Labradoodle puppy is right for you.

If you proceed through our Adoption Process, then we will enquire why you have selected an Australian Cobberdog.  Please also expect a discussion about your home, work, life and any resident pets, children and concerns.

A popular course in our material is "Preparing for a Labradoodle Puppy". Videos and handout addressing subjects such as teething, grooming and how to deal with the first night. If you opt for a hypoallergenic or low dander coat then you will be visiting the groomer frequently. In videos, we show you how to trim around their eyes, paws, cut nails and also clean labradoodle ears.

We have prepared a course within our Resource Centre for introducing your puppy to your life called "Hello, My Name is Curly...".

Subjects covered include common pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and horses.  Household items such as dishwashers, mirrors, tumble dryers are also covered. Locations and hobbies such as sailing, countryside, water and cycling and much more.

There is a difference between a British doodle (as popularised by Wally Conron) and the Australian Labradoodle breed. Different again is the Australian Service Dog. Recently the Breed in Development known as an  Australian Cobberdog also emerged.

It is essential to understand the different types of generation Labradoodles if you are concerned about a shedding coat type.  Also multi-generation will impact on how easy to train the puppies are, their energy levels and love to play.

If you are interested in reading more about our puppies for sale.  We have several articles and handouts available to help you find a reputable breeder. You can, of course, join our waiting list by completing our contact form and paying a deposit.  However, our videos and resources are provided without obligation to reserve a puppy.

Please note there is a long wait for a very small Labradoodle and we rarely have toy Labradoodles.

Our quickest waiting list is for the medium size. How long you wait for an Australian Labradoodle will also depend on whether you upgrade to rare colourings.  Such as the black, brown or blue merle Labradoodle puppies or red/ apricot Labradoodles.