Partly-Trained Pups

Partly-Trained Pups

Older Pups


Different to most breeders, we actually specialise in partly-trained puppies, rather than 8-12 week olds. We breed to enter a training programme, where our pups are then assessed for service and support roles, such as hearing dogs, autism support, classroom dogs etc.

We work with families, schools and other organisations to place Australian Cobberdogs in environments where they can have a profound impact on those around them, as well as their local communities.

To join the reservation list for a future litter or find out more information regarding one of our available pups, please fill out the puppy preferences form and schedule a call with our team.

Autism Support


Autism support dogs require a soft, gentle nature that can remain calm no matter what happens! These dogs are typically cuddlers - they could sit on the person's lap all day and be perfectly content. Autism support dogs need to be able to bond strongly with 1 or a few individuals (usually members of a family) because their service/support tasks require a strong knowledge of their handler and an incredible ability to focus on only that person.

Temperament: Soft, Gentle, Loving, Affectionate, Calm, Sweet

Classroom Dogs


Classroom dogs require a friendly, sociable nature as well as the ability to settle. Their day-to-day tasks may include: sleeping under the desk during presentations, playing with a group of kids at break time, and having one-to-one cuddles with a child in the reading corner. As such, they need to be adaptable - confident and playful, whilst also being gentle and relaxed. Finding that middle ground or balance can be hard for schools, especially when the wrong choice could cause a lot of issues - that's where we come in! We know these dogs like the backs of our hands, we know which would love that environment and which would be a little too playful when it came time to settle.

Temperament: friendly, sociable, confident, playful, gentle, relaxed

Hearing Dogs/Guide Dogs


Service/Support dogs such as hearing dogs or guide dogs can be quite tricky to place due to the complex nature of the tasks. However, over the past two decades we have had a lot of successful matching puppies/dogs to these roles. One scenario that a hearing dog might face is a fire alarm - if the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night, the dog must wake up the handler (and anyone else in the house) and direct them to safety.  This could be overwhelming for a dog - the loud noise, the smell of smoke, flashing lights. Therefore, the dog placed into this role needs to be brave and curious - their natural response to something new should be to investigate rather than to run away. They also need to be highly intelligent, with a desire to learn!

Temperament: brave, confident, playful, intelligent, curious, inquisitive


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