Upcoming Litters!

Upcoming Litters!

Available for Reservation


We are currently taking reservations for the following upcoming litters!

To join the reservation list, please fill out the puppy preferences form and schedule a call with our team.

Penelope x Simba


We are overjoyed to announce that PenelopexSimba will be our last litter of 2023! Their gorgeous pups will be small medium in size, estimated to grow to approximately 18" to the shoulder and 14-18kg. We cannot wait to meet their chocolate, black, cream and apricot pups this October!

Due Date: 11/10/23

Estimated 8 Week Date: 06/12/23

Capri x Jarvis


We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Capri and Jarvis are currently on their honeymoon! Their beautiful puppies are expected to be medium-sized, with an estimated shoulder height of approximately 19-21 inches and a weight range of 16-21 kilograms. If you are interested in welcoming a black, black merle, or apricot Australian Cobberdog into your family this autumn, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to add you to our reservation list!

Due Date: 25/09/23

Estimated 8 Week Date: 20/11/23

Meet our last litter of 2023, PenelopexSimba! Adorable Australian Cobberdog pups, expected to grow to around 18" to the shoulder and 14-18kg. Don't miss the chance to meet their chocolate, black, cream, and apricot pups this October!