Update from George

We are so happy to hear from George’s new owners, below is an update on how he is doing;

Hi Lisa,
Just a little update for you…. We are both completely in love with our little boy J he is a star and a right little character. Superstar at puppy training. Extremely funny and very loving.
He is one of the most determined little animals I’ve ever seen. He’s already sussed out how to get over and out of his playpen using his chin on the top as leverage, and scrambling, Colditz-stylie over the top. I watched it through the window and couldn’t quite believe it…!
He and cats still haven’t met full-on, although he’s had a very sneaky try at chasing them. Fortunately they’ve decamped upstairs and, in typical cat style, they’ve worked out when he’s in his cage and it’s safe to come down.
I swear he’s grown enormously. He eats and poos for Britain!
He also falls asleep in my arms and is completely blissfully happy when come down in the mornings.
By the way, I took him for a walk yesterday at school-out time at the local primary, and he was beside himself with joy at all the kids. I think he must have been very fond of yours, by his reaction…
We love him to bits and wouldn’t change a thing. We still reckon he’s got that rogue growth gene…! Haha! We don’t care how big he gets anyway, we think he’s brilliant.
Thanks again for everything – your training’s been invaluable.
All the very best to both of you – and the kids,